“I highly recommend Rozelle, we have found her to be a huge help and support with our website. We focused on our long term strategy and SEO and have seen the benefits of having her expertise from the onset. Also the social media side has been really beneficial. Rozelle is reliable and thorough, and we will be keeping her on board!”


“Rozelle is truly an expert at Marketing and Website SEOs. We received mentoring and guidance from Rozelle on how to build our brand, strategize our social media presence, and optimizing our website for search-engine results. Thanks to her, we have nailed down our online branding, our posting schedule, and what key words to feature on our website for better visibility. Couldn’t recommend more!”

Personal Development

“I wish I knew about this development course sooner. Rozelle is clearly an expert in her field and she has made the learning journey amazing.”

Personal Development

“I recently attended a Social Media for Business course, and was very impressed with Rozelle’s in-depth social media skills and knowledge. Her attention to detail was excellent, and questions/queries were answered with ease and enthusiasm. Thank you for an excellent course made easy!”

Personal Development

“Rozelle was a fantastic mentor at a recent Social Media for Business course, and really made the subject fun and interactive. She certainly knows her stuff! I was so impressed with her positive energy, professional attitude, and in-depth knowledge of the industry and marketing principles.”

Personal Development

“Very hands-on practical training and practice to help me engage with potential customers and grow my business.”

Apprenticeship trainer

“I would highly recommend Rozelle. She has helped me through my apprenticeship by explaining tasks well, answering questions and communicating through email effectively and has given great advice for the workplace and at my college. Her time management and organizational skills are particularly impressive.”

Apprenticeship trainer

“I was lucky enough to have Rozelle as an assessor and she was a pleasure to work with. She provides clear guidance, gives detailed feedback and also provides useful resources to her students. She is very knowledgeable in digital marketing and providing excellent support to her learners.”

If you are wanting to make a change in your business, whether it is introducing a new service, promoting a new product, help with hosting an event, increasing your presence online, a re-fresh of your brand or perhaps developing a new brand, I just might be able to help you or at the very least give you some advice to make informed decisions about moving your business forward.


Before I undertake any work, a discussion takes place to understand the clients’ needs or wants and see if we are the right fit for each other. I will always provide my honest opinion on the way forward.


I complete a digital audit of current digital marketing acitivities and communication plaforms such as company website to identify any improvements.

Discuss the results and create a plan to improve

Based on the findings of the digital audit and what your marketing and sales objectives are, we discuss a way forward and set objectives to achieve within a time frame.

implement the plan

Depending on the agreed plan, I can manage and execute short term plans or train individuals to manage long term goals or both.  

Measure results using data

I use data-driven results such as Google analytics, sales figures, social media analytics etc to measure the success against what we set out to achieve and make adjustments accordingly.




The ways I can help you depends on what type of agency or business you run and what your specific issues are. What you want to achieve in the long run or in the short run and what your budget is.

The most important thing for me is that my client and I completely understand each other from the start (the plan) and agree with the journey and that they are happy with the end result. Some clients may have a specific requirement to increase online presence through a detailed Social Media strategy or

They may want to increase their overall online brand presence and traffic to their website through a detailed SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy.

Some clients require help with starting a new business and need advice on where to start their marketing efforts or advice on promoting a new product or service.

Some clients have asked for help with a brand strategy – refreshing an existing brand, updating their existing website or creating a new website or application.

Other clients require more specific short-term goals such as managing and promoting an event or exhibition or an online event such as a webinar or training.



I believe it is just as important to show someone how to maintain their marketing efforts in order to sustain and grow their business. This is the most important and enjoyable part of my work. Creating content is easy, but creating great content brings lasting results.

Clients can benefit from formal training sessions with specific learning outcomes, for instance,

A client may want me to train a member(s) of staff to understand their Social Media platforms and create good and relevant content. Or, clients may want me to train a member(s) of staff to use Google analytics in order to report on the company’s online brand performance.

Individuals may want to learn how to use certain content creation tools such as video editing tools to create good content and tips for uploading it to the web.

Clients may request longer group training sessions to master how to use a specific set of skills such as, using Social media for business or video networking platforms such as Zoom for business and hosting webinars.

Formal training may involve, live demonstrations, written materials or both. The price depends on the content, amount of time and the number of people involved.

Informal training is usually face-to-face or via zoom and is a step-by-step demonstration with the individual to achieve a specific task. Like helping a new internet user to set up a new e-mail and send their first professional e-mail!


Years of Marketing experience working in various industries means I have gained valuable knowledge and know-how. You can visit the About Me Page to learn more about my journey.

I started my own business with next to no capital so had to learn to set up my own digital marketing platforms, tools and strategies that work for my business. I had to learn, develop, grow and manage my business in a new country where I had no contacts, didn’t know the market or could afford outside help. I’ve done all the work myself at each stage of running my business, so I know what it’s like running a business and what it’s like marketing yourself.

It has taken 15 years of working two jobs, helping countless friends and family members for free, and re-adjusting my own marketing efforts to reach a point where I’m confident that my experiences are of benefit to others.

I am not only a qualified Marketer but I am also a qualified Digital Marketing Trainer, Assessor and mentor. I worked as a digital marketing apprenticeship trainer in London and Brighton for over 5 years which keeps me up to date with the latest technologies, tools and industry trends. You can also learn a lot from the young, digital savvy and technology-minded new generation, but to be able to sit down and construct a detailed plan with a client, with expected outcomes and manage that plan from start to end to achieve what you set out, takes experience.

As a consultant, I sometimes employ a select team of young individuals I trust and who are good at what they do. They are web developers and coders for developing websites and apps, copywriters, SEO experts, graphic designers and videographers, to name a few. Feel free to Get in touch with me for networking opportunities.



You can get in touch by completing the quick online contact form on the contact page or alternatively you can e-mail me with details of how I may be able to help.